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dome home


Posted: 11/20/02
Mark and Valerie Sigler
Energy Efficient,Hurricane Proof
Monolithic Dome Home

Domes are notorious for their echo and sound reverberation. A solution to the dilemma has been found in the Hy-Tech Solutions’ insulating ceramic paint additive.
After using Hy-Tech's "Metal-Shield", , on the ground floor of the dome, the silence was immediately apparent. What had been filled with aggravating echoes was now solidly silent. The difference in how the dome “felt” was instantaneous.

Another challenge of dome owners is the cosmetic appearance of the exterior surface. Mildew seems to be a particular bane we have noticed on domes. The microspheres found in the ceramic additive form a hard shell that is mildew resistant. Hy-Tech Solutions’ paints and coatings have been tested under the harsh conditions of Florida’s East Coastal region, infamous for its mildew, sulfide gas staining, and hurricane force wind driven rains.
Bob Buchmeier, owner of Ameri-Foam (, is using the additive in the outer clear coat of our shell’s exterior, which is comprised of a hard urethane liner, similar to a truck bed liner. We chose this exterior because of its durability and convenient maintenance. Hopefully, a power washer with a mild solution of cleaner should keep the dome’s exterior pristine.

Hy-Tech Solutions provides superior products for any application where a coating is desired. The additive is available to mix into any type of paint or coating. Hy-Tech Solutions also offers several products for a large variety of purposes that have the ceramic microspheres included for easy application. The round beads also aid in the “flowing” of the paint application. After utilizing several of the products, we have found them easy to apply and can personally say, “SIMPLY AMAZING!” .

NASA developed insulating ceramic technology for the space program, creating tiny microspheres or ceramic beads that reflect and dissipate heat. These balls are as tiny as a single grain of flour with a compressive strength of 6500 psi. When all of the gas is removed from inside the spheres, a vacuum is created. In effect, a mini-thermos bottle that resists thermal conductivity and suppresses sound is produced.

Hy-Tech ceramic paint additive looks like talcum powder when in bulk. As the additive is mixed into paint and applied, the ceramic beads shrink down tight as the water and other vehicles evaporate, creating a dense film of the cells.
The ceramic layer created:
  • Suppresses sound
  • Creates a mildew resistant surface
  • Provides a thermal barrier, reflecting up to 92% of the heat
  • Improves fire resistance, the microspheres are non-combustible
  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Repels insects, such as termites
  • Protects against destructive forces of nature
  • Adds a high insulating value to any paint, effective in both hot and cold

The additive, (14oz per gallon), can be added to any interior or exterior medium used to coat a surface. To add to your own paint, the ceramic additive costs approximately 3 cents per square foot. Best results are achieved with two coats of paint to insure an even distribution of the ceramics. The additive is safe, non-toxic, odor free and environmentally friendly.

Because conventional paint pigments are sharp edged and pack down loose, the paint film leaves paths for heat to pass through and makes a rough surface which grabs dirt and soils easily. But, insulating ceramic microspheres create a hard ceramic shell that resists dirt and has minimal paths for heat transfer.
You can use the ceramic additive to paint:

  • Dome Structures – definitely reduces echoes and sound reverberation
    prevalent in domes.
  • Interior Ceilings – add to ceiling paint and reduce the transfer of heat from
    your attic to the inside of your home.
  • Interior Walls – add to paint to reduce the heat that is transferred through your
    exterior walls.
  • Attics – use to reduce the heat that builds up in your attic
  • Your Roof – use to reflect the heat coming in through your roof
  • Exterior Stucco and Masonry – use to reflect the heat before it
    saturates your exterior walls.
  • Decks – use to waterproof decking and protect from UV rays.

Hy-Tech Industries offers to consumers an opportunity to change the outdated method of protecting our buildings with conventional paint systems by offering energy-efficient space age paint products that will help preserve our natural resources for future generations.

We strongly suggest you visit Hy-Tech Solutions’ website ,, for detailed specifications and a full description of the wonderful products that are available. If it can be coated, Hy-Tech Solutions offers a product that will enhance its performance.
An article on our use of the Metal Shield paint is Here.

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