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Insulating Roof Coating

Hy-Tech Ceramics Make this Roof Paint INSULATE

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Insulating Elastomeric Roof Coating

How Hy-Tech Insulating Roof Coatings Work
When solar radiation strikes an uncoated roof, it is converted into Infra Red radiation.
This radiated energy passes down through the roof, and is absorbed by everything inside the building. The internal temperature then continually rises throughout the day which is why your air conditioning runs continuously.
An average uncoated roof reflects about 20% of the available solar radiation and absorbs about 80%. This energy is then radiated into the building below. Circulating air absorbs this heat from the underside of the roof and increases the overall inside temperature.
A coated roof reflects and emits about 90% of the Infra Red radiation striking it.

Hy-Tech Roof Coatings provide the maximum thermal heat reflectivity properties of ANY coating available today.
Hy-Tech Roof Coatings with their reflectivity (over 88% white) and high emissivity (over 90% ) properties combine to eliminate most thermal stress in a roof system by creating a radiate barrier to block solar energy, and by releasing any absorbed heat quickly, avoiding heat build-up in the roof and substrate.
The coatings ability to emit heat is particularly useful at night. Any built-up energy in a building is absorbed back through the roof, allowing the building to cool rapidly. Traditional roof materials retain heat in a building throughout the night because of their low emittance values.
The density of the ceramic particle resists wear and degradation from ultra violet radiation, extending the useful life of the system. The insulating effects of the product remain constant throughout its useful life.

The bright white high build formulas are designed to insulate,seal, and protect roof surfaces. The thick rubber like ceramic reinforced shield adheres well over aged galvanized and metal roofs, wood, shingle roofs, built-up roofs with dried-out asphalt or aluminum coatings, urethane and polystyrene foam insulation, polyester plastic panels, precast flat concrete, flat and barrel cement tiles and many single ply roofing materials. Hy-Tech Roof Coatings are a proven life extender for aged EPDM roofs.

Hy-Tech Roof Coatings offer superior mildew resistance, soundproofing, UV ray reflectivity, corrosion resistance and a beautiful insulating finish.

Put an end to roofing problems with Hy-Tech Insulating Roof Coatings...
Stop the heat Before it enters your attic...

Hy-Tech offers several specialized energy saving roof coating "Thermal Solutions", all ceramic filled, insulating, elastomeric, seamless waterproofing coatings each designed for a specific roof application.
Insul Cool-Coat- Formulated for any sloped roof which allows water to run off.
Roof Guard- For flat roofs with the possibility of standing water.
PermaKote Plus- Any roof where a class "A" Fire protection is required.
Bus Kote- The ultimate roof coating for Buses, Mobile Homes, RV's, Marine and commercial cargo vehicles.
Roof Coating Application Instructions

Click Here to see examples of Hy-Tech Insulating Roof Coatings

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