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Painting Preparation

The number 1 reason for paint failures is Poor Preparation.
You can have the finest paint coating on the market today but apply it to a poorly prepared surface and it will surely fail.

Regardless of what product you use, be it one of our  HY-TECH Products  or a typical conventional paint, be sure and follow the guidelines for proper surface preparation.

General Painting Guidelines

Always stir paint thoroughly before using! If more than one gallon is needed for your project "box" the total amount of required paint together. "Boxing" paint is nothing more than mixing all the cans together in a larger container to insure that the color is thoroughly blended and uniform. Failure to box paint is the leading cause for paint failing to touch up properly. Make sure you have enough before starting with custom mixed colors.

Every color dispensing machine has slight variations in the amount of colorant they dispense and no two cans of paint are going to be "exactly" alike. This plus the fact that no two batches of paint are identical leads to nothing but problems when you go to touch up. Use our Paint Calculator  to figure how much you need for the total job.

Be sure the surface is clean, dry, and free from grease or wax.
All surface defects such as peeling, cracks and patches should be corrected before painting. Use spackling for holes and dings, caulk all cracks, (Never use Silicone!), and lightly sand glossy surfaces to provide a good "tooth" for your finish paint.
Painting over wallpaper: be certain the paper is tight and does not contain bleeding colors. Always prime with an oil based stain sealing primer!

NEW WORK:New surfaces require a primer to stop the suction of the surface.
We produce a complete line of primers for use on any surface

On primed, dry interior surfaces apply 2 coats of paint at container consistency. It is recommended that fresh plaster and stucco with a high lime content be allowed to cure for 60 days prior to painting.

OLD WORK: If the surface is in good condition, clean well with TSP, patch and caulk as necessary then apply 2 coats of paint at container consistency. Any patched areas and chalky surfaces should be spot primed with latex primer.

Digital Color Chart:The Digital Color Wheel teaches you about different Color Schemes, i.e. which colors go with what. You can choose your primary or reference color, then move the mouse over the different color schemes analogous, split complementary etc. to highlight all the colors that could complement your scheme.
There's also a Color Combinations tool which is fun to use if you're planning to mix your own colors, and a glossary to explain color terminology.

Have an existing problem? Peeling, fading etc. Use the problem solvers.

Exterior Paint Failures

Interior Problem Solver

Choose Quality Tools

How To Paint Roofs, Ceilings, Walls, Stucco and more

I also have step by step tutorials on every type of painting or home repair project that you may undertake at my other web site
Home Improvement Center  and of course you are always welcome to mail us or use the handy Feedback Form

Planning on Spraying your attic with " Barrier Coat " Attic Radiant Barrier? Read the tutorial on Airless Spray Techniques.
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Rest assured that when you purchase any of our products you are not forgotten after the sale. Your complete satisfaction with Hy-Tech products is our #1 priority.

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