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How To Paint Your attic with a Radiant Barrier

The first thing you will need to know is how much Hy-Tech Barrier Coat Radiant Barrier Paint you will need. There are two methods you can use, the pros shortcut... or the exact method.
Shortcut: This works for most situations where the gables or hips portions are 8'-10' in height.
Length of home x width, add 10%, then divide that number
by 250 for the gallons of paint needed Per Coat...
Two coats are recommended to insure an even distribution of the aluminum and ceramics. Example: Length 40 feet
Width 30 feet
40 x 30=1200, plus 10%=1320 sq ft divided by 250= 5 1/4 gallons per coat
times 2 coats = 5 1/2 gallons (round off to 6 gallons) of #85 Barrier Coat for a 2 coat application.

The exact method:
We need 3 measurements and we will be referencing the fig below.

1. The length of the house, (this is not shown in the figure but you need it later)

2. The number for "a" in the figure which is only 1/2 of the width, of you home.
3.And we need to know the measurement for "c" in the fig, which is the measurement from the edge of the roof to the top or "ridge".
We are going to use a calculator for this one.

right triangle

Fig 1

Start by measuring the length and 1/2 of the width of your house, write it down.

Now measure how high it is from the top (ridge) of your roof to where the gable end meets the house, that is measurement "b".
Do this by going outside to the gable end, slide a stiff 1" measuring tape up the wall and record the measurement from the top to where the gable meets the house, "height"  Write it down, this is measurement "b" in the fig.

how to measure your roof area

Now I am going to send you to a calculator on-line ( a new window will open, do the calculation and close out the window to return here)
1. You will need to put in the number for roof "height" which is "b" in Fig 1

2. The number for 1/2 the width (length of base) or "a" in the Fig 1
3. When you get there you will see a little box on side "c", put a ? mark in the box.

Go there  and get that number "c" in the fig.,which is the measurement from the edge of the roof to the top.

Take that number "c" that you just got from the calculator, (it should be just a little higher than the number "a"), multiply that by the total length of the house,
multiply that by 2 and you have the total square footage of your attic roof decking that needs to be coated..

Barrier Coat covers appx 250 square feet per gallon so take the total square footage of your attic (you just figured it), and divide it by 250, the result is how many gallons of you need per coat, two coats are recommended so double that amount for the total gallons you need to order.

Barrier Coat may be brushed and rolled or spray painted which is by far the easiest.

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