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Insulating Roof Paint
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Insulating Cool-Coat

Insul CoolCoat is a bright white acrylic elastomeric roof coating that waterproofs, insulates, beautifies, protects and exhibits soundproofing properties. Designed for roofs with slope and good runoff of water.

Insul Coolcoat forms a thick rubber like ceramic shield of protection that expands and contracts with varying hot and cold temperatures plus resists thermal shock. An energy saving coating that combats the destructive environmental forces of nature. Unsurpassed in technology, Insul Coolcoat offers superior mildew resistance, ceramic insulation, soundproofing,excellent adhesion,U.V. ray reflectivity and a beautiful finish.

Insul coolcoat and our Roof Guard  for flat roofs both provide an inexpensive solution to re-roofing. These easy to apply roof coating systems will provide many years of durable protection and outstanding beauty while extending your roofs life.

In tests conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, white reflective roof coatings saved up to 50% in energy costs. Savings will vary depending upon roof assembly, insulation thickness, roof area and climate.

reduce cooling bills by more than 50%  On Savings


  1. Mobile Home Roofs
  2. Metal Roofs
  3. Built Up Roofs
  4. Concrete Roofs
  5. Asphalt Shingle Roofs
  6. Wood Roofs
  7. Buses-RV's
  8. Barns and Animal Shelters
  9. Boat Decks...Reduce lower deck heat AND make it Non-Skid!

Recommended Coverage
One gallon covers approximately 100-150 sq. ft. of roof surface depending on texture and condition of surface.
Always apply in two thin coats verses one heavy coat.

Drying Time
70 F. &  50% Relative Humidity Touch - 2-4 hours Recoat - 12 hours Full Cure - 7 to 10 days

No thinning required or recommended. Clean up with soap and warm water.

May be tinted with up to 4 oz. per gallon of universal colorants

Due to its super-reflective, insulating qualities, Insul CoolCoat saves money on air conditioning.

Energy savings can add up quickly paying you back for choosing a new-technology, energy-saving, white seamless roof system.

Of course you can always replace your roof using the same asphalt roofing systems that we have always used, high heat absorbing, quick to dry out and crack or better yet one of the newer roofing systems that rolls out on your roof in 3' strips that are glued or heat sealed at the seams creating 30-40 more potential areas to leak.

Put an end to roofing problems with Insul CoolCoat...
Stop the heat Before it enters your attic...
Wrap you roof in a seamless, elastic, continuous membrane...
Save money by doing it yourself
Reduce your monthly utility bills
Help preserve our natural resources and
Reduce our dependency on foreign oil!

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