Radiant Barriers

Why Aluminum Works Best

Aluminum pigments are very different from the nonmetallic pigments used in most paints. Produced from pure aluminum metal, they possess many characteristics of the metal itself. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, high reflectance to visible light, infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

The chart below gives the infrared radiation reflectivity (emissivity) of some common materials:

Material   Reflectivity
Aluminum Bright 90-95%
Paint White 10%
Paint Black 14%

When milled to a pigment, the geometry of the particle is the most striking difference when compared to other pigments. Aluminum pigments are actually flakes rather than being spherical or granular (as are most other pigments), and it is this shape that is responsible for many of their characteristics. When incorporated in a suitable vehicle system, the flakes orient themselves in a multi-layered position parallel to the substrate called "leafing".
Durability is one of the outstanding features of any aluminum pigmented coating.
The flakes act as a metallic shield capable of resisting radiant heat.
Barrier Coats flat aluminum platelets form multiple suspending layers on the coating membrane while the insulating ceramic microspheres help further reduce any transfer of air, water and ultraviolet ray. Barrier Coat can reflect light and heat, thus an effective heat insulation layer is formed, preventing absorbing too much heat and being overheated within the structure.

Hy-Tech's Barrier Coat Aluminum pigment is uniquely stabilized for use in water base paints, which makes our "Radiant Barrier Coat" superior to other so called "latex base" radiant barrier paints. Our aluminum pigment contains 0% VOC's, good covering power, and it is non-flammable and non-toxic.

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